Digital Web Marketing Services for Small Businesses

If you are actively looking for solutions to increase web traffic, sell more products online or update your social media site with fresh content, you have come to the right place. We specialize in helping small businesses develop an online marketing strategy that will create an easy to find, engaging experience and an increase in web traffic to your site.

The brutal reality is, today’s online market place is more competitive than ever. You need a digital marketing consultant that not only understands your journey but knows how to develop an online marketing strategy that helps your brand become known as “the best solution” wherever potential customers may be looking: organic search, social media, industry media or email.

As a one-stop centre for digital marketing, you can count on Transfield Training Centre for specialized marketing consulting services. We’re here to help make the process of selecting the right digital web marketing consultant a little easier. We both want to find the perfect fit for your requirements, so let’s get started!

Facebook Page URL List

Marketing your services to business owners on Facebook can be quite a pain because it’s difficult to reach out to every single Facebook page for your preferred keyword. The lazy-load feature in Facebook makes it more difficult as it may take you up to 24 hours to scroll down to the bottom of your search result page in order to get to every single page.

Try searching for all Facebook pages matching the keyword “Real Estate Agent” and you’ll understand what we mean. Your computer may crash before you reach the bottom of the page 🙂

Now, you can have all those Facebook page URL’s in an Excel file separated by keywords. These keywords are not the generalized categories provided by Facebook. These are real keywords that people would most likely search for. Real keywords will help you to quickly target your desired industry.

With this Excel file, you will be able to contact all Facebook page owners quickly.

243 non-duplicate records. Excel file.

80 non-duplicate records. Excel file.

3162 non-duplicate records. Excel file.

144 non-duplicate records. Excel file.

69 non-duplicate records. Excel file.

534 non-duplicate records. Excel file.

93 non-duplicate records. Excel file.

1448 non-duplicate records. Excel file.

106 non-duplicate records. Excel file.

Social Media Content Updating

Do you have a Facebook, Google+ or any other social media page which needs regular content updating? Social media pages which have not been updated for quite some time will not create a good impression to your clients who visit your page. “Dead” pages are not good for business.

We provide the service of updating it with relevant content every day. Check out some of our auto updated Facebook Pages:

Now you can focus on your core business & let us keep your pages alive. This will give a good impression to your clients about the vibrancy of your business.

Digital Web Marketing Coaching

This workshop on web marketing caters for small groups of participants who require hands-on guidance. This is not a theoretical PowerPoint presentation neither is it a webinar. Our coaches will provide you personalised face-to-face guidance.

Course Duration

1 hour – 3 days depending on the type of website you have / plan to have *



Training Methodology

Video presentation
PowerPoint presentation
Hands-on practical using your own laptop

What You Will Learn *

Creating a Facebook App
Registering a domain name
Search Engine Optimisation
Easy content curation techniques
Advertising trends on the internet
How to get to the front page of Google
The importance of Facebook marketing
Myths & half truths of Web marketing
Setting up WordPress & installing plugins
The importance of doing keyword research
Domain name submission to search engines
Real Estate Marketing vs Internet Marketing
Financial investment in maintaining a website
Consolidating your ads from other websites onto your own website automatically
Using Google Trends, Webmaster Tools, Analytics, Adwords, Translate & Bing Keyword Tool
How to support your sales people using Facebook, Google Search, WhatsApp, RSS Feeds & Youtube

* Depending on the type of website you have / plan to have, we will customise the training to suit your needs. This means that you may not learn everything listed above & you may not be required to attend the full workshop.

Minimum Competency Level to Attend this Workshop

Compulsory Competency Level **

Bring along your own laptop
Bring a thumb drive along with you
Ensure that you have a Gmail account
Ensure that you remember all your passwords
Ensure that your laptop battery can last for at least 1 hour
Ensure that you have a Microsoft email such as Hotmail or Outlook
Ensure that you have a credit / debit card that works for online transactions
Ensure that your laptop is wifi enabled (and you know how to connect to a public wifi network)
Ensure that you have your own internet service provider & you are not dependent on any public wifi network

** All of the compulsory criteria above MUST be fulfilled by all participants at least 1 day BEFORE the workshop.

Optional Competency Level

Have a Facebook page / group
Have a Google Adwords account
Have a Bing Webmaster Tools account
Have a Google Webmaster Tools account
Have your website running on WordPress
Have your own domain name & webhosting account

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