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Advertising on Social Media – An Overview

The most effective method for the promotion of products and services on social media requires a small weekly or monthly budget that you should provide. Yes right, you need to spend capital to pay for advertising on social media networks for very satisfactory results. The budget that should be set aside for promotion on social media does not need to be much. Too much expectation of organic traffic will not bear fruit, especially when almost all social media networks in the world have now ‘closed the door’ to tactics and techniques used by consumers to get organic traffic. They have closed the door by limiting the amount of statistics or metrics available to you. With limited data, it’s almost impossible to make an informed decision on the right strategy to undertake. Therefore, you’ve got no choice but to fork out ad spend to drive traffic to your social media sites.

Your ad spend should be according to your affordability as an advertiser. If you are in a hurry to get results from your ad campaign, and also want to cross all the states in Malaysia to get paid users for your products and services, then the budget that needs to be provided should be high. It depends on your wishes in terms of time and the extent to which this promotion is to be carried out. On the other hand, if you use social media promotion for long-term objectives, then the budget provided should not be too high. Not many people realize that marketing on social media is like long-distance running that requires consistent stamina and always runs at the same momentum all the time.

Social media marketing is an ongoing initiative. But many small and medium brands or SMEs out there do not practice this way. They will use social media when deemed necessary. There are those who when the situation becomes urgent, just want to think about what promotions should be held on social media. These are people who are looking for a quick fix solution to solve their lack of sales. Promotions on social media cannot be done in this way. It should be planned in detail over a long term. Let’s look at some of the popular social media platforms available today.


On Facebook, if you are in business, you need to use a Facebook Page which comes with a Facebook Business account. Here, you can create several types of paid advertising according to a specific purpose. You can promote your website, your Facebook business site, the specific status you want to spread, the CTA or Click-to-Action buttons you place to encourage people to upload applications or send messages directly to you. Starting with just RM 5 to RM 6 a day, you will see the best results from this initiative.


On Twitter, you have two effective ways of either using paid advertising or using influential individuals out there who offer paid tweet services. Both of these methods can provide the best return if you want to increase the number of followers, find traffic to the website, to find paid customers, to encourage people to upload your application on Google Play or AppStore, and so on. Starting with RM 30 to RM 50 a month for any of the above methods, you will see how traffic on Twitter comes to you from various sources. You can choose whether to create an uploaded status promotion, a promotion placed in the ad space or a promotion sent directly to the InMail of the users you are targeting.


Just like on Facebook, you must use the LinkedIn Business page or LinkedIn Page to create paid advertising on this network. The cheapest is by promoting the uploaded status and the most expensive is by sending directly to InMail. Among all the social media networks that exist, LinkedIn is said to have the highest conversion rate (get paid customers) compared to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.


This network is owned by Facebook, so you can also use the Facebook platform to launch your paid ads on Instagram. All you need to do is convert your account profile to business profile first. If you are not comfortable, you can also use Instagram directly for this purpose. Don’t forget to use hashtags and location tags in addition to paid campaigns. It is quite helpful to attract traffic to your Instagram.


Now that you’ve got an overview on advertising on social media, don’t stop learning. Our Search Engine Marketing specialist at Transfield SEO will be glad to point you in the right direction if you get stuck. Let us build your online presence & increase your conversion rates. Sit back and watch your website traffic explode, and your customer base growing at an unimaginable rate. By asking us questions, you will bring in new business opportunities almost immediately.

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