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Backlink Indexing Services

Have you been building loads of backlinks & citations but can’t get them indexed by Google? You have established excellent links to your website, which is great, but unless you index them in search engines, they are meaningless.

After creating backlinks, it usually takes a long time to be discovered and indexed. This understandably happens due to various technical reasons beyond your control. One assumption is that it’s because many backlinks are pretty much seen as “thin content” (not much value to the user) and they don’t deserve to be in Google’s index. So, firstly here’s👇 what you must do to increase your success rate.

Increase Your Success Rate.

  • Write unique description and high-quality content for each backlink.
  • Ensure all details / information required by the webpage is available. For example, If there is an option to upload photos, then upload at least 4-5 photos.
  • In the case of citations or directory submissions, ensure that you have a proper Logo, Address, Phone number, Description, Social Media Link, Images, etc.
  • If it is a review generating platform, then add at least 1 Review.

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Do You Spend Hundreds of Dollars on Backlinking?

From the monetary aspect, imagine buying $100 worth of fruits for personal consumption. You managed to consume $30 worth of these fruits in 3 months. After 3 months, you had to discard the remaining $70 worth of fruits as it had gone bad. Get the point?

With backlinking, it’s the same scenario. You spend $100 to build backlinks only to discover that the search engines never discovered 70% of your links after 3 months. Will these links ever be discovered? Who know…? The bottom line is, if your links are not indexed, it’s a big waste of money, time & effort.

What We Can Do.

If Google has not indexed your guest posts, articles, blog posts, Web 2.0 submissions, guest blog events, news articles or any other type of backlinks, we are here to help you. The good news is that we provide you with a time-tested 100% white hat indexing service, so you can get your links credited to your site. We use technologies not only recommended by Google, but also urge webmasters to use them. Using our service is absolutely safe for your backlinks and website! We make sure to use sophisticated procedures to index backlinks to ensure a better Internet presence. This does not mean that your website will suddenly jump to the front page of search engines or anything like that, but if your website is just getting started, this may be a good way to get started.

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What We Can’t Do.

We can’t get every single backlink of yours indexed by Google. Even the owner of Google can’t promise that because the success rate also depends on the website on which the backlink resides. That server could be a slow server. The website itself could be having a poor sitemap structure, faulty robots.txt configuration or your link could simply be too long or too deeply embedded in the website for any search engine to reach.

In all fairness to you, these are some of the backlinks of ours which we’ve never been able to convince the search engines to index.
Official MapQuest
Allbiz Malaysia
Elite Services Network
Hampton Roads Business Live
Directory ToGoTo

So, we are not perfect either.

As a recap, this is a summary of the advantages & disadvantages of not having your backlinks indexed by the search engines.

Disadvantages If Your Backlinks Are Not Indexed​.

  • Your content / write-ups / articles will not show up on the SERP’s.
  • Your backlinks have zero value if they are not indexed by search engines.
  • Anyone can plagiarise your postings / write-ups / articles and reap the benefits at your expense.
  • You will not see any ranking improvement if your link building activities are not indexed by Google.

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Benefits of Getting Your Backlinks Indexed.

  • You will get a boost in organic trafficđź‘Ś.
  • Your website’s Alexa Rank will improveđź‘Ť.
  • Your site’s Domain Authority & Page Authority will improveđź‘Ť.
  • Nobody will dare to plagiarise your postings / write-ups / articlesđź‘Ś.
  • Your Google Ads campaign will perform better with a lower ad spendđź’Ş.

Get in touch with us today in order to skyrocket your organic ranking via our Backlink Indexing Services. Every single cent you spend on backlinking is worth it. Get more organic traffic through our internet marketing consultancy. Rank your business on the 1st Page of Google within 3 months using our expertise.

Free Bulk URL Submission.

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