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Best Tools for Website Visitor Tracking in 2021

Today, website visitor tracking tools are very popular among businesses. But What is the reason that so many companies are using them?

These days, the importance of a company’s online presence is greater than ever to stand out from the competition. And websites are the most critical part of that presence. Companies must improve their website for more customer satisfaction. So, companies need website visitor tracking tools to understand their visitors’ behavior and needs.

Additionally, businesses use these tools to optimize their retargeting campaigns to show relevant ads to users.

Read on to learn about the best website visitor tracking tools in 2021.

How Can I Track My Website Visitors?

If you want to track people who come to your website, first, you will need a website visitor tracking tool. Now, let’s see how website visitor tracking software helps you.

These tools track user activity on the website to provide you with useful information about your visitors’ behavior. For example, you can find out which elements users mostly click on your website.

When you better understand your visitors, you can produce more relevant content and create a more effective user experience. Furthermore, these tools help you detect your website’s problems more easily and understand what improvements are needed. Web site visitor tracking tools also help you in segmenting your visitors.

Using these tools, you will convert more website visitors into leads and achieve a higher conversion rate.

Which Tool Is Best for Website Visitor Tracking?

There are many website visitor tracking tools to choose from. Therefore, first, you must identify your company’s needs to choose the best for your business.

Below, we introduce some of the best website visitor tracking tools to help you figure out which one is right for you.

1- Watch Them Live

Watch Them Live is a website visitor tracking tool that gives you valuable information about the people who visit your website. This tool offers the two most powerful website activity-tracking features, session replays and heat maps, besides useful analytics and real-time data.

Session replays allow you to monitor all user interactions on your website. You can follow each user’s path on your website and watch how they behave.

Heat maps display a visualization of your data that help you monitor and analyze user activities more quickly. For example, Watch Them Live offers click maps that show you which objects are getting the most clicks on your website.

2- VWO Insights

VWO insights is another tool that tracks visitors’ behavior on your website to help you identify and resolve user experience issues. Using this tool, you can boost conversions and get the most of your existing traffic. The features allow you to figure out how people use your website and navigate through it.
● Funnels
● Session recordings
● Heat mapping
● Form analytics

3- Hotjar

Hotjar is a user behavior analytics tool that includes features that enable you to track and analyze website visitors’ behavior. This tool helps you better understand your website’s visitors’ experience so you can optimize your website.

It provides you with information to understand how people interact with your website and why they decide to leave it. This information helps you come up with ideas to keep visitors from abandoning your website.
With this tool, you can see whether important content on your website is attracting users’ attention or not. Also, you will be able to compare user interactions with your website on different devices.
● Heatmaps
● Recordings

4- Fullstory

Fullstory is another great website visitor tracking tool that offers features to help you find out how to improve customers’ experience. You can easily figure out what’s causing problems for your website’s visitors. It also enables you to discover which points of the users’ journey through your website have the highest impact on your conversion rate.

This tool helps you prioritize the changes that you need to make and measure the success of the improvements.
● Session replays
● Heat mapping
● Real-time data
● User data


Website visitor tracking has many benefits for businesses, and it’s necessary for staying ahead of the competition. Nowadays, companies use website visitor tracking tools to increase their conversion rate, retarget website visitors, improve user experience, etc.

Many helpful tools are available, and it’s not easy to choose one. So, the first step in selecting the best tool is to determine your company’s needs and goals.

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