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Keyword Stuffing for Google My Business

Really? Damn! Just when you thought that keyword stuffing is a taboo subject; broach it & get the “Google Slap” 🥵 Before we dive into the subject, let me give you a brief introduction of Google My Business (GMB). How to use Google My Business for local SEO? Google My Business is an indispensable tool…
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Combining Online & Offline Marketing for Business Success

In this increasingly digital world, businesses must maintain an online and offline presence. In the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, it becomes increasingly important for brick-and-mortar marketing and digital marketing to work in tandem for better results. Members of various entrepreneur organizations were asked about their success in pairing with brick-and-mortar marketing with digital marketing to…
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Go Digital Post Covid-19

The rapid development of the Internet has brought about rapid growth of online business opportunities. Customers who once had to go to a store or business premises to purchase products or services can now complete transactions in the comfort of their home or office. For fledgling entrepreneurs, compared with more traditional business models, Internet business…
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