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Combining Online And Offline Marketing for Business Success

In this increasingly digital world, businesses must maintain an online and offline presence. In the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, it becomes increasingly important for brick-and-mortar marketing and digital marketing to work in tandem for better results. Members of various entrepreneur organizations were asked about their success in pairing with brick-and-mortar marketing with digital marketing to maximize reach. This is what they share.

Todd Toback, CEO of Get It Done House Buyers.

Instead of being an exclusive entity, the two can work together to improve overall performance. Long story short: we drive offline prospects online and offline prospects offline. We also spend large sums of money on pay-per-click advertising, which is our most targeted prospect ready to buy right now. Our customers have responded well so far especially due to the “new-normal” requirements of the current pandemic. “However, we are aware of the need to meet the needs of our entrepreneurial customers, who prefer something real, like our quarterly 4×6 event card,” said Elizabeta Damceski, the company’s public relations consultant. “We go the extra mile to understand how our entrepreneurial audience receives our information, which we found through experiments and getting feedback using Google Analytics & Facebook Insights.”

“Recently, we created a flexible promo piece, outlined a new class we offer, and put it in a local coffee shop, as Columbus, Ohio which is a fast-growing hub for entrepreneurs. Following our multi-level marketing efforts, we are now offering a new third class and attendance has doubled! The promo was published in local publications and released online too through social media. This helped us build interest and successfully reach new prospects,” Elizabeth explained.

Rishi Khanna, founder and CEO of Digital Success, a digital marketing agency.

We use smart online and offline combinations to drive marketing initiatives. Personal interaction always helps to ensure more meetings with prospects, and our presence increases brand recognition. As an added benefit, print cards help us reach out to other business owners who will be good potential customers too. In addition, we get instant feedback, instant learning, and instant engagement compared to online marketing efforts where you are limited to passive engagement. Don’t be afraid to get out of the box and try billboard ads, which we do several times. Even as a digital agency, we realize that no online marketing tactic can match the courage of big billboards screaming loudly from the sidewalks.

Russell Lundstrom, founder of Simple Smart Science, a health food and nutrition supplement company.

People have shared that they remember our brand from the visuals of the highway. We use a combination of online and offline marketing mix to gain and retain customers. Do not reject traditional brick-and-mortar strategies that are so effective in gaining brand awareness just because we are now it the digital age. Old is gold as the saying goes. As we were approaching our 90th day anniversary, we sent a teaser to build joy. As an added bonus, we mention — but do not immediately send — printed newsletters as part of the purchase. Just before the 90-day anniversary, a special email campaign refers to the critical content of an upcoming newsletter. We delivered the newsletter a week after the anniversary.


From the wise words of these industry experts, you can see the value of maintaining both your online & offline marketing campaigns. Transfield SEO will assist you in your online marketing campaigns. Our Search Engine Optimisation specialists will be glad to get you started. Let us build your online presence & increase your conversion rates. Sit back and watch your website traffic explode, and your customer base growing at an unimaginable rate. By asking us questions, you will bring in new business opportunities almost immediately.

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