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Our team of SEO trained content writers will conceptualizing & write your content using Queen’s English & Bahasa Melayu. This will help uplift the professional image of your site while improving your keyword ranking simultaneously. We are a bunch of super creative creatures who are able to write in different styles of content for all mediums.

Do you need English > Malay > English translation & proofreading? Yes! We will succinctly write creative copies using a variety of tones while meticulously proof-reading them with a strong attention to detail. Our expertise lies in (but not limited to) producing content related to Malaysian real estate, communication & leadership, parenting, and education. Do you want well researched articles to increase your Page Authority & Domain Authority? No worries 😅 We know exactly how to produce authoritative articles instead of mere rhetoric.

Our Content Writing Workflow

KEYWORD DISCOVERY – Provide us the keywords you’d like us to focus on. Some samples / links where we can find examples of what you have in mind would be helpful for us to understand your needs better. This would be known as the discovery stage where we will be having ongoing discussions with each other. We will then organise the information gleaned from the discovery phase into a clear direction.

EXPERT DISCOVERY – Here we will assign your writing project to a writer who is a subject expert on your topic. The writer will receive the article topic, focused keywords, first draft submission deadline, word count requirements, etc. Based on your focused keywords the writer will create an SEO-friendly title, headings and meta description.

DRAFT REVIEW – The first draft will be delivered to you after being edited, vetted, and quality checked by our team members. This phase in the workflow involves grammar, fact, and reference checking; ensuring that the content is written in your voice. We also want to make sure the content flows and meets the word count requirements. Proper formatting and SEO friendliness becomes paramount too.

DRAFT REVISION – At this stage, we will accommodate requests for minor changes to fulfill your needs. We do put a limit on the amount of revisions we would do. Once you give us the confirmation that the final revision satisfies your needs, the content is yours👌

CONTENT PUBLISHING – You are free to publish the content yourself, but if you need help in updating your website/blog with this content, we’d be glad to handle this task for you too. When we undertake this responsibility on your behalf, we will ensure that the onsite SEO requirements are adhered to the best of our ability. There would be instances where certain search engine optimisation requirements would not be met due to the structure of your website.

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