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The rapid development of the Internet has brought about rapid growth of online business opportunities. Customers who once had to go to a store or business premises to purchase products or services can now complete transactions in the comfort of their home or office. For fledgling entrepreneurs, compared with more traditional business models, Internet business also has many advantages. As we enter and eventually exit the Covid-19 pandemic blockade, many brick-and-mortar businesses will have to rebrand their brands online to reduce the physical distancing between people.

So, what’s changing or has changed so far? From my observation, the 1st thing to go are the intermediaries between the manufacturer & the seller.

The End of Intermediaries Are Imminent

The Internet has many different sources. Through online surveys and questionnaires, I think companies can now better position themselves effectively. The business of working between the company that actually produces the product and the customer is called an intermediary. If you want to map the business-to-client company supply chain in the simplest way, you first need manufacturers, then distribution centers, and finally consumers. This is called disintermediation. With the help of the Internet, there is usually no need for such companies, because many products can be shipped directly to customers’ homes. This method is helpful to producers, because they do not need to pay more now, because they do not need an additional party to make money. They now only need to transact with the transportation company and carry out bulk shipments when possible.

Therefore, if we compare the past and current product delivery methods especially in countries like Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand, I can safely say that using the Internet can now work more efficiently and better. As such, Internet marketing services has many advantages and benefits for small businesses. The conclusion is that small businesses can now enter a wider market, positioning and segmentation has been improved, and they usually do not need to use intermediaries, thus saving money. Today, Internet marketing has become an unmissable medium. The Internet expands all the possibilities of promotion because it is digital and always up to date. You can compare and purchase tickets in a matter of minutes, and then receive them in your email box immediately. With the use of the Internet, marketing has been improved and expanded, which can definitely be called a big advantage! Internet marketing not only brings benefits to the company, but also benefits to customers.

Benefits of Going Digital Post Covid-19

As mentioned earlier, customers can now quickly compare prices online before purchasing products. This is especially important in the food industry, as restaurants are competing to make ends meet. Going digital provides customers with the latest updates about the food menu available in the restaurants. Customers can use numerous apps to reserve a table before arriving at the restaurant. Such digital marketing systems will prevent crowded restaurants. The Internet even provides customers with the opportunity to make transactions immediately, and they are happy to know that they have made a reservation.

The Internet provides a variety of online services. For example, almost every website has a page with frequently asked questions. In addition, one of the biggest advantages for customers is online customer service. Customers can now post comments or complaints on the website or send them to the online help desk. In addition, the Internet is available 24 hours a day.

The New Normal

Today, the number of consumers buying products and services online has increased. As a result, more and more companies around the world are using Internet marketing to connect with customers and promote their products and services. This differentiates them from their competitors and helps them increase their profit margins. Online marketing offers you various benefits. If you are looking for a better way to attract audiences, Transfield SEO can help you. There are many services to choose from, including email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click marketing. Let’s chat 😊

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