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Search Engine Marketing

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Increase Customers & Reduce Ad Spend Through SEM


Search Engine Marketing a.k.a. Pay Per Click (PPC) is a form of online advertising where you pay to promote your website and reach out to your targeted audience. You & other advertisers bid😅 for keywords to have your ads appear when a potential customer searches on various search engines such as Google & Bing.

This is a sure-fire way of staying on the front page of Google…provided that you have the marketing budget to do so. In a highly competitive industry, you’ll have no choice but to follow suit💪

Where Does Transfield Search Engine Marketing Fit In?


This is where Transfield SEM services come into play. Our Google Ads Manager will manage your campaign with ONE single GOAL, which is to GROW your business by promoting your brand. We will emphasise on reducing your marketing expenditure while maximising your click-through rate.

Let us build your online presence & increase your conversion rates. Sit back and watch your website traffic explode, and your customer base growing at an unimaginable rate. Through Google Ads, you will bring in new business opportunities almost immediately.

Our SEM Workflow


KEYWORD RESEARCH – You will get a recommendation of keywords, its cost-per-click (CPC) & its search volume. This will give you a realistic view of whom you are up against. From this report, you will be able to allocate an appropriate marketing budget for your campaign to outbid your competitors.

SETTING UP THE GOOGLE ADS ACCOUNT – We will set up your Google Ads account in line with your goals & budget. The configuration of this account will be based on our discussion on what your objectives are.

COPYWRITING OF ADS – Here’s where our professional content writers will write high quality advertisements related to your business using appropriate keywords. These keywords will be strategically placed within the advertisement to maximise its effectiveness. This will help you minimise your advertising cost & maximise your customer inquiries / web traffic.

REPORTING AND ANALYSIS – We will track your keyword performance regularly & fine-tune the settings along the way. Numerous strategies will be used to outbid your competitors. Your competitors’ advertising budget will also be monitored & reported to you.

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Robert Ram, an Expert of SEO

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Robert Ram is an expert of SEO. Every time l ask him to take a look at my website, he immediately produced a SEO report helping me to know the status and condition of my website. Through the SEO report provided by him, l got to know what l need to work on in order… Read more “Robert Ram, an Expert of SEO”

Elysia Teh

Five Stars to Transfield SEO

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I’m happy that Robert fixed my WordPress site within a few hours. This helped minimize my downtime. I unreservedly recommend Transfield SEO as your SEO & Google Ads consulting agency. City Two Property Sdn Bhd

KS Koo

Reliable & Knowledgeable

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Robert Ram was servicing my previous website Google AdWords. I found it reliable to work with him rather engaged with whom I don’t know. He is knowledgeable. His report is full of details. He can successfully reach out the market after taking my order within 3 months.

Renée Wong

Professional service

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Robert is a genuine person. I had some issue with my adwords on google. I reach out to a couple of people to help me out. He was quick enough to help me. Gave me wonderful advice. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to hire professional who can help them in SEO… Read more “Professional service”


Patient and Professional

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Thanks for great service,
Professional and Patient.
Keep it up !

Guerrilla Apps

Very Good SEO Experts

Transfield SEO are not only very good SEO experts but also extremely knowledgeable Google Ads experts at the same time! They will help your business succeed!

Ricky Bracci


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