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What is Google My Business (GMB)

There are numerous search engine optimisation agencies in Kuala Lumpur offering a myriad of services such as Local Business SEO, Google Ads management, business leads scraping, backlink indexing services & content writing services. These services offered by SEO companies in Kuala Lumpur will boost your sales in your locality. If you want to conquer the local market around your neighborhood today, get more organic traffic or rank your business on the 1st Page of Google, then you’ll have to reckon with SEO.

Today, we are going to talk about Google My Business & how it’s related to Google Maps & local search engine optimisation. You must be wondering what is “Google My Business”? Well, this is a completely free and very user-friendly tool used by businesses, organizations and institutions that is used to appear on Google Maps & any other application which uses Google Maps’ technology. Usually, GMB is used by businesses to inform the local market of their existence so that these businesses can get more customers from the immediate neighborhood.

In addition to this, a GMB accounts enables you to also display a Google map and search options on your website in order for customers to physically visit your business easily. Not only that, you can even write a few lines for your business and tell everyone what you do. By placing verified and up-to-date information about your business, you can help your potential customers easily contact you via phone. This is also a great way to interact with your current and former customers. You can manage the information that Google users can see about the business products and services you provide.

If You Are New to a Neighborhood…

Let’s say you are new in the city & want to have your favorite Espresso, but how and where? You are wondering. You whip out your trusty phone & search “Espresso near me”. Voila!

In doing so, you will get a list of many places where you get enticing Espresso to reboot yourself close to your location as you needed. Well, this is the best way to find a cup of Espresso by searching online based on where you are located and entering the keyword “Espresso near me”. You can browse all the options, but most likely you will browse the first three search results. This search result is often referred to as a “local map-pack”, which provides local search query results that are closest to you.

So, now imagine that you were the owner of the Espresso café…Wouldn’t you be happy to have obtained an additional customer for free…thanks to GMB? Now, that is the main benefit of having a GMB account. MORE LOCAL CUSTOMERS!

The Way of The Future, Post Covid-19

Since you can get an increased number of customers from having a GMB account, local SEO post updates have begun to become more and more important. Having a listing on GMB gives the impression that your business is more trustworthy. From a business point of view, it is easy to notice the fact that local SEO is related to store traffic. The increase in traffic indicates that, yes, your local SEO is working for you. When planning a local SEO marketing campaign, strive to develop a game plan to understand how to do it. In addition, people feel they have the added advantage with local SEO of physically checking the result by visiting the place.

Your target customer could be impressed by a hawker who could just shout loudly and attract his attention. So, now you need to surpass this hawker by being on top of the online search results and make him realize that you are the best and only solution to meet his needs. Letting your customers know about the specific services you offer is the catch that Local SEO marketing activities bring to you, which in turn promotes your business development. Local SEO marketing will attract and retain your customers in the best possible manner on the long run.

How We Can Help You

At Transfield Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) we are hands-on every month to provide you with all the services required to increase your online visibility. Our keyword research provides insight into the people looking for your local business. Technical SEO optimization tasks ensure that search engines “see” local signals that affect your ranking. Link building services, including identifying local and national blogs relevant to your business, contacting them to request the publication of content that will link back to your website, and then creating that content. We make sure that you fully understand what we do for you every month. Content development, which may include blog posts, adding content to your pages, and guidelines on ways to improve rankings, position you as an authority in the industry and encourage potential customers to do business with you. You will receive reports that explain in an easy-to-understand language how we spent your budget in the last calendar month and how effective your local SEO campaigns were. If you have any questions or other needs, our consultant is available to help you at any time. Check us out today for a chat 😊

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